Avoid Drive Throughs With These Healthy Road Trip Tips

Healthy Road Trip Tips Lemon Grove

It is easy to eat horrible food when you are in the car for a long time, but when you finally get to your destination you may end up feeling like the French fry grease is seeping out of your pores. There are a lot of simple ways to avoid the drive through drudge and eat healthy when you are on a road trip, making you feel better and be healthier at the end of your journey.

Packing Smart Snacks

One of the simplest ways to avoid eating junk when you are on the road is to plan ahead. If you are going on a planned road trip, then you should also plan for the fact that you are going to need to eat at some point during your drive. Packing healthy snacks will help you avoid the rest stop vending machine candy bars and the quick detour to a fast food place for onion rings.

Avoid last minute bad snack decisions by packing healthy items like:

  • Grapes
  • Almonds
  • Carrots
  • Cheese Sticks
Healthy Road Trip Tips Lemon Grove

Planning Meals Ahead of Time

If you are planning a long road trip, then you should also plan for the meals that you are going to need to eat while you are on the road. You can bring an ice chest and pack healthy meals or you can plan ahead of time where you are going to stop for healthy dining options. There are many road-trip planning websites and apps that let you enter your route and search for places and add stops along the way. One of these is Roadtrippers. This is a website and app that lets you plan your entire road trip and you can plan on when you are going to want to stop to eat and add a stop for a healthy restaurant in that area.

Mastering Truck Stop Dining Options

While the above tips are ideal, let’s face it, sometimes you end up on a trip that is very last minute. If this is the case, you need to know how to make healthy choices at the stops along the way. Truck Stops often have a makeshift deli that contains fruit, salads, and vegetables. You can also often find varieties of yogurt and other healthy items at a truck stop deli. If you stop at a truck stop that doesn’t have this or at a regular gas station for your last minute on the road sustenance, try making a meal out of some of the healthier choices the location has to offer. You can usually find a lot of the snack items listed above at a gas station, and even many other items. Just try to avoid binging on candy and soda, and you will be off to a good start!

With so many options available when you are on the road, you can easily avoid the drive through and eat healthier with just a few adjustments to your road trip habits!