Get Crafty with these DIY Fall Projects

wreath on a blue door for fall projects

It can be a lot of work trying to get your home to match the seasons. This season, make decorating easy on yourself by transforming your place utilizing these simple ideas. This way, you can have without compromising great quality using less effort. Get crafty and check out the following do-it-yourself fall projects. Afterward, you are sure to amaze any guests who enter into your home.

A Fashionable Owl Wreath

You can make your door entrance a sight to see for your visitors with some simple creative flair. A few items is all that it takes to make this project a success.

You will need: burlap ribbon, Styrofoam form that is at least 16 inches, table skirt, and a doormat.

The first step is to use your Styrofoam form and burlap ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the form.

The second step is to use scissors and make a 5-inch circle from your doormat.

The third step is to trim a strip of 2 inches from the table skirt’s edge and use hot-glue around the edge. Don’t put your glue down yet, hot-glue the edges of a Mason jar lid inside the table skirt. This will secure it to the doormat circle you created earlier.

The fourth step, once again keep your hot-glue in hand, stick a metal bottle cap at the center of your lid’s ring encircled with dry pumpkin seeds. Also, glue a redwood bead inside the bottle cap, which becomes the first eye of your owl. Do it again for a second eye.

The fifth step is to create some wings. You’ll need to cut out two 8inch, height, and 5-inch, width, teardrop-shaped doormat pieces.

The seventh step is last, where you create the beak and attach everything together. A 3-inch triangle cut from the doormat covered with dried pumpkin seeds should do the trick for the beak. Now, attach the beak. Then, add the wings and eyes with hot-glue and you are done!

Other DIY Fall Projects

We discovered a plethora of festive DIY ideas that you absolutely have to try! Check out these links and celebrate this fall season the right way.

Add some fall pizazz inside by painting some festive acorns and placing them in a decorative bowl.

Light up your residence with some Fall Leaf Mason Jars.

You can have some fun with the kids making some Yarn Pumpkins.

You don’t have to be Van Gogh to create a masterpiece. Try out this tutorial to make some Candy Corn Button Art.


Now that you have some ideas for fall projects, go try them out and you may end up having a new crafting hobby! Not everything can be a do-it-yourself project, though. For instance, if your car needs maintenance, you’ll need professionals to get it back in tip-top shape. Mossy Honda Lemon Grove has got you covered. Our specialists will help you with any automotive inquiries you may have. So, come by and see us this fall!