Crave Carnitas? Find the Best Around Lemon Grove


Carnitas, which means “little meats” in Spanish, are mouthwatering pulled pork filling for soft or hard shell tacos, burritos or tamales. Most are served with expected “dressing” items, including guacamole, salsa, onion, lettuce, sour cream, and refried beans. If you live in or near Lemon Grove, California, there are several enticing restaurant options to fill your Carnita cravings!

El Pachanguero

Leona runs El Pachanguero and serves an excellent Mexican menu for all three meals. Just hop on the Orange Trolley to Lemon Grove Depot. They offer great pricing on their meals. And, in case you didn’t know, “Pachanguero” is believed to translate to “party animal”! So you know that this is a fun place to visit! They offer six sizes of carnitas, so grab your friends and plan to party.

Carnitas El Botanero

Another option that provides good portion sizes, well-seasoned foods, and salsas with a nice bite to them is Carnitas El Botanero! This restaurant isn’t known for being “upscale”, but for offering incredibly tasty food. When you visit here, you will able to leave with your tummy and wallet still filling full!

Nando’s Taco Shop

Owned by Nando himself, Nando’s Taco Shop is clean and a great option for dining in or takeout. This restaurant isn’t only known for his carnitas. It’s known to serve them with a friendly, charming personality. And the owner’s tortillas are home made! If the weather cooperates, you can even enjoy your meal outdoors.

Carnitas Las Michoacanas

Carnitas Las Michoacanas, which will not be outdone by competitors, is known for fast service. But to take their service a step further, you get a free taco while you wait! Don’t wait too late to visit, since they close at 7:00 pm. Two diners can eat for about $10 and bring the kids for some added fun!

Burros & Fries

Burros & Fries is a Fresh Mexican Grill established in 1974. The owner learned all about restaurants and cooking while working with his Dad from the age of ten. Burros & Fries can cater, and they offer meal pictures on their website that are sure to make your tummy growl.

There is no shortage of quality Mexican alimentos (food in Spanish) in Lemon Grove. So if you have a Carnitas Craving, head to one of these great Mexican Restaurants! Hop into your Honda vehicle, and visit the one nearest you, today.