Visit Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen in Southern California

Cupcake Selection Variety

If you are in Lemon Grove, California and in need of a cupcake, look no further than Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen. This two-time award winning dessert dispensary has taken the hearts and taste buds of thousands by storm since its start in 2001. With over 100 varieties of the cupcake, it is not hard to see how this pastry paradise has reached such success in less than a decade.

Careful Preparation

Cupcakes crafted by Little Cakes are all made from scratch. What this means for the final result is a deliberate flavor that only hands-on cooking can achieve. The owner, Don Hein, is well aware that this method of preparation is less cost effective than many competitors. However, in the end Hein feels that this is the only way to achieve the best possible product and he may very well be correct in that belief as Little Cakes has been named the best in California to get a cupcake by and in so is sure to be a great treat for those local to Lemon Grove.

National Recognition

In 2012, Little Cakes competed on the well-known Food Network television show “Food Wars”. Head chef Amanda Suvia of California participated and won the top prize. The shop was then invited back on the show again one year later in 2013. This time around, however, the previous head chef Amanda Suvia had moved and was unable to compete so head chef Jessica Sanchez took the spotlight and later, first place for the second year in a row.

A Business with Vision

Since competing and winning in the Food Wars competitions, Little Cakes has had no shortage of customers and is praised regularly by a loyal customer base cultivated through a real passion for carefully-made cupcakes. This is why it is not uncommon for a typical weekend of sales to reach a staggering 400-500 cupcakes per day. Owner Don Hein works with other local businesses and believes in being a good community partner. This notion is backed by his use of “Mother Earth” beer in his cupcakes, as well as purchasing fruit from another nearby business, Frazier Farms.

In the end, over 6 and a half years of business, two television award-winning appearances, and praises from many local news sources prove that Little Cakes is a must-see destination for any and all cupcake lovers in Lemon Grove. Don Hein and his wife, Becky have made it clear that they will give you a great experience that you will not find at just any pastry shop. With almost a dozen cupcakes featured daily and an ever-changing menu, Little Cakes is never the same. Yet one thing is for sure, you can count on this shop to give you a great cupcake experience.

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