Prepare Your Kids with These Back to School Tips

kids going back to school

Summer is sadly approaching an end, so start preparing your child for the school year now. All parents want the best for their children, so make your child’s first day easier with these back to school tips! Links to affordable supplies/extra tips are linked as well.

The First Day of School

No matter what age they may be, your child is probably a little nervous for his or her first day of school. Ease their nerves by letting them know that everything’s going to be okay and everyone is going through the same thing. Let them know that they are not alone! Most teachers will also know how anxious students can get, so they will do their best to make the students feel comfortable as well.

Another way to get your child pumped up about school is to positively reassure them about all the exciting things that may happen on their first day: they could meet a new friend, love their new teacher, or even learn something interesting. No matter what you do, always encourage them to stay positive. You could also bring up some good memories from your own school experiences!

Preparing the Supplies

Make sure your child has their fresh start with some new supplies! A good backpack, school supplies, and some new back to school clothes wouldn’t hurt. The best thing about this season is that there are sales always going on! Click here to purchase from a variety of affordable, kid’s backpacks by Land’s End. Schools usually prepare parents by handing out a list of required supplies; take advantage of this opportunity as soon as you can! By preparing everything they will need for their first day in advanced, you can worry a little less about your loved one. Click here to see what all Target has to offer on back to school supplies and clothes. Pack a light backpack for the first day; we don’t want anyone hurting their backs. Students with heavy loads may need a rolling backpack for easier use. If you’re student is bringing their lunch or buying it there, prepare them accordingly. Get your children their supplies today, you can never be too ready!

Traveling to and from School

How ever your child may travel to and from school, make sure to always review the basic guidelines with them. Safety is an important factor when it comes to your little one, so go over these tips with them in advanced! If your child is taking the bus, go over street safety precautions with them as they will be in contact with a large bus, pedestrians, traffic, etc.

Click here to read about safety restraints on the bus.

Some parents may prefer driving their child, and that’s okay too! That way you can be there for them until the very last second possible. Depending on the distance from your house, a lot of the time children choose to walk to school. Always walk younger children to school for safety reasons and teach older children the basic street smarts before letting them go. Don’t talk to strangers, stay on the sidewalk, look before crossing the street, etc. If you are still concerned about your child walking, maybe find another classmate from the neighborhood for them to walk with!

Click here to read more about safety on the way to school.

Good School/Work Habits

After your child has the best day at school, make sure to teach them good habits! Their lives will run more smoothly with a good nights sleep, responsible study habits, and a great attitude. Some students may need help with their homework, and that is totally normal. Don’t let your kids be too afraid to ask for help; that’s how they learn! To avoid any behavior issues, remind your child that they should treat others how they want to be treated. Promote kindness to their fellow classmates and faculty; if behavior does not stop, then punishments such as no TV, computer, or time out can be applied for learning. Allow your children to practice great habits and behaviors for school for a better future!

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