Lemon Grove’s Amazing “Cool Zone” Project

Lemon Grove Cool Zones

Lemon Grove’s Cool Zones program is an excellent program which has established certain areas where older adults and others without access to cool, safe spaces can escape the heat.

About the Cool Zone Program

California can be hot year-round and the summer months can be severely dangerous if you don’t have a way to escape the high temperatures, this is why Lemon Grove initiated the Cool Zone Program. The Aging & Independent Services department in the county designed this program with the elderly and anyone else with special needs in mind, knowing that the heat can be deadly if unable to cool off and hydrate.

Cool Zone Sites

During the Summer months, cool zone locations are open throughout the county at some of the hottest areas of the county. Not only does this allow a cool space for the elderly, but it also saves local energy usage by having multiple people sharing one air conditioned space. This helps reduce the likeliness of energy shortages during the hot summer months that lead to power outages.

Importance of Cool Zone Sites for Elderly

The elderly are especially prone to ill effects from the intense heat and humidity. The Cool Zones program can actually save the lives of many seniors and disabled persons. Certain designated areas have been set up where people can go to escape the deadly heat. All of the sites set up by the Cool Zones program are air conditioned. In addition, there are plenty of places to sit and relax in the designated areas. Cold refreshments are food are served throughout most of the day.

San Diego County and the City of Lemon Grove are dedicated to their citizens young and old, and the Cool Zone Project is just one of the many ways that they are working to improve the quality of life for local residents. This project does not only impact the residents that use the cool zone areas but every resident in the area because it helps conserve the power in the area during the hottest months of the year! To find a cool zone area, or to help out with the project, visit the cool zone website.