Start the New Year Off the Right Way at a Gym Near Lemon Grove

Man and woman strength training at a gym

We’ve all been there before: The New Year approaches, and we add “working out” to our list of things to do. How do you stick with this new regime, though? We’ve got the perfect solution. Make your resolution more than just another resolution by getting a membership at a gym nearby Lemon Grove, CA. After all, signing up for a gym membership is the first step to staying committed to your fitness goals.

Body By Discipline

Of course, discipline is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. So, a gym named “Body By Discipline” seems like the perfect way to start out our list.

At this local gym, the client is the number one priority. Therefore, you can expect to receive personal attention from professionals who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. The focus at this gym is “providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.” Because of this dedication, there is a high percentage of referrals and long-time customers who trust Body By Discipline to give the results that they’re looking for.

There are a variety of programs and classes offered for members of all ages and skill levels. Sign up for the program that best suits you!

KMF CrossFit

KMF (Keep Moving Forward) CrossFit is a Lemon Grove fitness location that offers exceptional classes in a “community-based environment”. Join in on bootcamp classes, strength building, Yoga, and of course, CrossFit.

There are fundamentals courses, group classes, open gym, and interval training options available. Sign up for the class that works best for you.

Chuze Fitness

Reach your goals without breaking that bank at Chuze Fitness. This gym boasts a friendly environment, well maintained equipment, and fun classes that you’ll actually enjoy. (That’s right – we just put the words “fun” and “gym” in the same sentence.) Sticking to your New Year’s resolution just got that much easier.

There are three different affordable membership plans currently available. They are as follows:

  • Pretty Much Everything – $9.99 per month (Includes access to one Chuze location, the Smoothie Bar, the Turf Training Area, Chuze Cinema, Cardio Equipment, Free Weights, and Express Circuit)
  • Add Even More – $9.99 per month (Includes access to all Chuze locations, access to all equipment, and all areas of the gym – i.e., steam room, tanning, lap pool, jacuzzi, etc.)
  • Get It All – $39.99 per month (Includes access to all Chuze locations, access to all areas of the gym, Unlimited Guest Privileges, and Unlimited Team Training)


As you can see, there are lots of fitness options available nearby. Choose the location that will best help you make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Are you in need of a vehicle to get you to the gym for your workouts? Visit us here at Mossy Honda Lemon Grove. We have an extensive inventory of quality cars, trucks, and SUVs. Purchase a vehicle from us and arive at the gym in style.