Rack Up on Closet Essentials for this Season Using Our Wardrobe Guide

Beautiful girl on the background of spring bush wearing Spring Closet Essentials

The spring season is upon us! It’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with colorful pieces. Rack up on closet essentials this season. This wardrobe guide will will lead you in the right direction when deciding on the essential pieces for your closet collection.


A beautiful dress is definitely a closet essential for the spring season. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider Your Shape

To ensure that your dress is most flattering, be sure to consider your body shape. Do you have an apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape? Check out for these characteristics for your respective shape.

Apple – Rounder hips and tummy. Focus on embellishing below the hip line and above the bust line. Hemlines should be kept below the knee.

Pear – Bottom portion is larger than the top portion. Bring attention to your waist with a belt or highlight the top portion near the neck line. Soft flowing fabrics are ideal.

Inverted Triangle – Shoulders are wider with a narrow waist. Strapless A-line dresses or dresses with printed bottom halves are ideal.

Hourglass – Waistline is well-defined; Fuller bust and hips. Well fitted dresses emphasize proportions. Draw attention to the center.

Rectangle – Waist and shoulders are proportioned similarly. Create subtle curves and increase definition of the waist area by keeping the silhouette uncluttered.

Bottoms and Blouses

This year, flared bottoms are definitely in. Whether you’re on the hunt for jeans or cotton pants, you are sure to find an option to fit this hot style. Additionally, corporate-inspired pieces are becoming all the rage. You’ll find various pin-stripped and straight-lined items on your search for the perfect pant.

When it comes to blouses, you can get really creative. Consider going for shirts with ruffled bottoms, fringed sleeves, or something made from a light and airy fabric. This way, you’ll feel super relaxed while looking great!

Spring Colors and Prints

The best way to stay on-trend during the spring season is to keep up with the colors and prints that are currently popular. This year, it’s all about pastels. When shopping, you’ll find various shades of pink, green, and nude. Plus, light yellow and a hint of blue are also in high demand this season. Be on the lookout for floral prints as well, as this is a spring staple. Lots of vintage-inspired pieces graced the runway during fashion week, so that appears to be the go-to look to keep an eye out for.

Comfortable Pieces

Finally, keep in mind that the goal is to be comfortable. You can be wearing a beautiful outfit, but if you’re noticeably uncomfortable, that will definitely take away from how you want to look. Therefore, the key is to keep an eye out for pieces that look good and feel good as well.


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