Stretch and Relax at the San Diego Yoga Festival

Man doing yoga at the San Diego Yoga Festival

The weather is warming up, and it’s a great time to start planning your attendance to upcoming events within the area. When making your list of things to do, don’t forget to add the San Diego Yoga Festival to the mix. If you’re a Yogi within the San Diego area, this 4-day event is one that you definitely can’t afford to miss.

San Diego Yoga Festival

Yoga enthusiasts, rejoice! The San Diego Yoga Festival is right around the corner, and it’s packed full of activities for you to enjoy.

For starters, this upcoming event will feature non-stop, exciting Yoga classes on the beach. That’s right – you can stretch and relax under the sun with the sand right beneath your feet. Listen to the waves splash as you become one with your inner self. What better to start off the warmer months?

Next, be sure to indulge in the live musical performances that are scheduled to take place. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Classes will be held every hour, on the hour. Featured headliners that you can expect to see include:

Shawna Schenk – Founder of the San Diego Yoga Festival, creator of Yoga with Shawna, creator of, spiritual activist, and published author.

Dr. Bali – One of the world’s most seasoned yoga teachers. (He is 92 years old)

Sukhmani Kaur – Sukha The Band, E-RYT, and Senior Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

Ryan Glidden – E-RYT, co-owner and founder of Mosaic Yoga.

Elka Haeckel – EYT, co-owner of Elka Yoga and Wellness.

Heather Foat – RYT, Singer

Tina Ardolino – Owner of Hapa Yoga, Prenatal Fitness, and Reiki Master.

In addition to exceptional Yoga classes, this event will also showcase music by the following artists:

Mango and Jennings, The Coral Bells, The Conscious Groove, Jonathan Coyle, Sita Rose & Mandi Gee, Pilgrimage of the Heart, Sukha The Band, Sal Nunz, Now and Then, and more. Prepare for an experience to remember!

Young group of people doing yoga on the beach

San Diego Yoga Festival Events

Date: Friday, March 9, 2018 through Monday, March 12, 2018

Time: 9 AM until 4 PM

Cost: $0-$222

Location: 10 Evergreen Avenue Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Click here to purchase your ticket.


The 2018 San Diego Yoga Festival is an event that’s filled with entertainment. Each day, you can start off by stretching and relaxing at one of the multiple Yoga classes. Then, enjoy soothing live music performed by a featured artist or group. With all that this festival has to offer, there won’t be a dull moment in sight!

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