Tips for Understanding California’s Emission Regulations

Car Efficient Green Path

The state of California is known for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental regulations. The federal government tends to follow the state’s lead, and that is especially the case with emission regulations. The state of California’s Air Resources Board has created emission standards for 2022-2025 that will change the game for vehicles and the environment. It’s a good idea to get a better understanding of what to expect with these standards. Then, you’ll be ready when the changes take effect.

The New Standards

The new standards set new pollution rules for the state and set a mandate for the sale of zero-emission vehicles. While these regulations will expire in 2025, California’s Air Resources Board has also tasked employees to work on new targets that will go into effect after 2025.

The recently passed regulations will be the strictest emission standards to date, but there is still some question about whether or not they will go into effect. That is because the federal government might try to step in and stop California from enforcing the standards.

The State/Federal Showdown

When the Clean Air Act passed, states got the power to set their own emission standards. This means that one state can basically set the tone for the entire country. Car companies have to follow the rules set forth by the strictest state, so people in all states around the union benefit from those rules.

Now, the federal government wants to review California’s standards before they go into effect. There is still some confusion about what a review will mean. California is sheltered with the Clean Air Act, so unless there is a rule change, expect these new emission standards to go into effect.

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